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Urgent Relief from Al Baraka Islamic Bank for Flood Victims in Pakistan

Urgent Relief from Al Baraka Islamic Bank for Flood Victims in Pakistan

Al Baraka Islamic Bank announced the release of urgent financial assistance to support those millions affected by the severe floods and rains in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The financial aid donated by the Bank will help individuals and families affected by the widespread floods that flooded large areas in the country and caused the displacement of millions from their homes, the destruction of large areas of vital roads, and the isolation of entire villages.

In a statement, Chief Executive Officer of Al Baraka Islamic Bank, Mr. Hamad Abdulla Al Oqab, said, "The assistance provided by the Bank is part of our national and societal responsibility towards the victims of floods in Pakistan, especially that Al Baraka Islamic Bank has a wide presence in the region through the Al Baraka Islamic Bank - Pakistan unit.” CEO Mr. Al Oqab expressed the hope that the affected people would be able to overcome this tough time by the Grace of Allah Almighty and the support and efforts of all".

H.E. Muhammad Ayub, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Bahrain thanked Al Baraka Islamic Bank for the timely and generous assistance to Pakistan in the aftermath of the devastating floods. He added that extreme rainfall and climate change worsened the floods in Pakistan this summer, causing massive displacement and damage to infrastructure, houses, crops and livestock. 

This humanitarian initiative to provide urgent support reflects the commitment and management of Al Baraka Islamic Bank to extend a hand of relief aid in all available ways to the needy and those affected by natural disasters and crises in the world.

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