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Contact Us

If you need help answering any questions you have, simply get in touch with our dedicated team and let us assist you.

  • Call Center: +973 13 300 400

    Report Lost or Stolen Card: +973 13 300 400

    ATM and Credit Card Inquiries: +973 13 300 400

  • Customer Inquiries and Complaints Procedures


    Our aim to find a fair and timely solution to put our customers first. If you have inquires/Complaints about AIB's product or service, the followings will guide you on how to have your inquiry/ complaint addressed quickly.

    1. The Hotline Centre:
      Please contact +973 13 300 400.


    From Sunday to Thursday (7:30a.m. - 3:30p.m.), the Centre is available to answer any questions or inquiries, including inquires and/or assistance for filing a Complaint.


    1. Talk to the people at your Branch or Service Centre

    Our customer service representatives at each branch assist our customers with questions, suggestions, and complaints. If the person you speak to at the branch/service center where you do business is not able to resolve your concern to your satisfaction, please speak directly to the Branch Manager, who has the authority to resolve the majority of problems that arise.


    1. Make a complaint through the “Complaints Team”
      If the Branch Manager has been unable to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, you may open a formal complaint then the complaints will be handled by “Complaints Team”.

    How you can make a complaint

    Complaints should be made in writing through one of the following channels:

    1. E-mail: The quickest way for us to resolve your complaint is through writing direct email to the Complaints Team :


    Email:     [email protected]

    Contact:  17525627 (During Working Hours)

    1. Online: you can complete Online complaints form available on Al Baraka Portal.
    1. By Post: you can print and fill in the Complaints PDF form available on our website (; the form is also available at the customer services desk in all our branches. Kindly post it to the following address:

     Complaint Officer (CC&WB),

     AlBaraka Tower, Bahrain Bay,

     P.O. Box 1882,

     Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

                  Please remember to take the postal service into account for our response time.

    How we respond to complaints, and what you can expect us to do if you complain to us:

    Unless otherwise prescribed by CBB, the following general guidelines will be followed regarding responses to Complaints/Allegations:

    1. Inquiries, comments, or objections should be answered or information provided within 2-5 working days after receipt.
    2. Complaints/Allegations not involving an on-site investigation should be fully processed and responded to within 15 days after receipt.
    3. Complaints/Allegations involving an on-site investigation should be resolved within 4 weeks after receipt.

    In the case of the bank was unable to resolve your complaint, you can raise the complaint to the CEO or, if necessary, to communicate with the Compliance Department of the Central Bank of Bahrain.


  • Dr. Adel Basha

    Board Secretary
    Al Baraka Banking Group B.S.C,
    Al Baraka Headquarters,
    Bahrain Bay,
    P.O. Box: 1882,
    Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Tel: +973 17541122 Ext:195


  • Please send your "Resume" to:

    [email protected]

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