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Al Baraka Islamic Bank Donates Insulin Pumps Towards Diabetic Children

Al Baraka Islamic Bank Donates Insulin Pumps Towards Diabetic Children

Stemming from its ongoing commitment to support the health care sector in Bahrain and in conjunction with the World Diabetes Day, Al Baraka Islamic Bank, donated eleven insulin pumps for type 1 diabetic children. This initiative is part of the fruitful cooperation between the Bank and the Governmental Hospitals Administration.

On this occasion, Mr. Hamad A. AlOqab, Chief Executive Officer of Al Baraka Islamic Bank, affirmed his pride in the Bank’s cooperation with the Government Hospitals towards making this qualitative leap in the lives of Diabetic children, and said: “We are honored that our donations contribute to enhancing the level of well-being and prosperity of various segments of the local society, especially diabetic children. Insulin pumps are considered to be one of the important medical devices that maintain the health of type 1 diabetic children, and this donation contributes to helping those who are still on waiting list at Salmaniya Medical Complex.”

Government Hospitals Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Ansari, expressed his appreciation to Al Baraka Islamic Bank for this generous donation and community partnership towards supporting diabetic children who are in dire need of what considered being expensive medical pumps. He also added that the installation of those pumps for children will facilitate and control the steps for taking insulin, which will reduce pressure on parents and the children will be able to practice their daily lives in a better way like their peers.

It is worth noting that the insulin pump is a small electronic device which is the size of a mobile phone that is used by diabetics in order to provide their bodies throughout the day with an adequate amount of insulin that suffices the needs of their bodies. It will ensure that your blood sugar remains normal more accurately and safely than daily insulin injections.

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