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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sustainability and Social Responsibility aims to create long-term economic growth through efficient management of natural resources, development of human resources, and enhancing society’s quality of life.

We believe that Allah entrusts humanity with the wealth of this earth. As such, any wealth we have must be invested in society, as we are the patrons of development through sponsorship of educational and social projects that enhance the lives of others. In this commitment, we apply E’mar Al Ardh (development of land), meaning to add tangible value to natural and human assets.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility principles compliment the business ethics of Islam, which guide Al Baraka’s philosophy, summarized below.

Investments are only made in ethical sectors that produce or trade useful or beneficial goods. We don’t invest in morally questionable activities, such as the production of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or pornography, or the perpetrating child, woman, or minority abuse.

ABG always issues the payment of interest, as Islam prohibits the paying or charging of interest. We accept deposits on an investment basis, whereby depositors share in the results of their investments with the bank. We provide finance on the basis of instalment sale, leasing, or equity participation. In Islamic finance, we share both risk and reward.

All contracts entered into by Al Baraka’s subsidiaries, and all relations with businesses and depositors, must comply with the ethical standards of the Shari’a.

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