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A large Indonesian banking Delegation Hosted by Al Baraka Islamic Bank



A large Indonesian banking Delegation Hosted by Al Baraka Islamic Bank

Al Baraka Islamic Bank BSC (c) has hosted a large Islamic banking delegation representing various Indonesian Islamic banks during its recent visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain to benefit from the Islamic banking experience of the Islamic banks in the Kingdom and to learn about their experiences in the field of providing retail banking and management of branches. The visit was organized by the International Center for the Development of Islamic Finance, a training body owned by of the Central Bank of Indonesia.

The delegation was received by the senior management of the Bank headed by Mr. Mohammed Isa Al Mutaweh, Board Member and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, who met with the delegation members and briefed them on the Bank's long-term achievements for almost three and half decades and its banking services and products provided through its branches. The delegation also toured the Bank's building to learn about the facilities and services available.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Isa Al Mutaweh said "We are very pleased by the visit of the Indonesian banking delegation to the headquarters of Al Baraka Islamic Bank. This visit represented a good opportunity for us to present the Bank's innovative banking products and services to various segments of customers for the delegation members, who expressed their admiration and large benefit from the information provided to them, especially that both Bahrain and Indonesia are considered among the main Islamic countries with leading Islamic banking experience, which allows them to joint benefit from their experiences and knowledge in this field."

  Last Updated:21/05/2018
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