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Al Baraka Islamic Bank Modified its Reward Point Earning


Al Baraka Islamic Bank Modified its Reward Point Earning


Al Baraka Islamic Bank BSC (C) announced the modification of the reward points earning and features to its credit card in response to the large demand that exceeded all expectations from various categories of customers, on the occasion of the Bank's celebration of the first anniversary of the launch of the card.

The modification has given cardholders the opportunity to earn more points for their various local and international purchases. Therefore, Platinum cardholders can earn 3 points for every one dinar spending, Titanium cardholders can earn 2 points for each one dinar spending and Gold cardholders to get 1 point for every one dinar spending, as the features have also expanded customers' options to redeem points. Customers can redeem points instantly for flight booking with more than 900 airlines, staying at more than 100,000 hotels and renting a car around the world, redeeming points to cashBack or shopping through the website of alBaraka Islamic Bank, which includes more than 15 different categories of merchants with advantage of a range of other offers, which are updated and announced by the Bank on a continuous basis.

Mr. Eyad Alabbasi, Senior Manager - Head of Cards and Electronic Channels at Al Baraka Islamic Bank said: "As we celebrate the anniversary of the launch of our Sharia-compliant credit card, we are pleased to express our gratitude and appreciation to our dear cardholders of all categories. We have chosen to express this gratitude by offering them valuable rewards upgrading point earning calculation that enable them to access a variety of international services at a high level of luxury, while appreciating the great popularity of the card since its launch.

Al Baraka Islamic Bank's credit card product includes 3 categories: Gold, Titanium and Platinum. Cardholders enjoy the best benefits and rewards in the Kingdom of Bahrain and are automatically enrolled in the Al Baraka Rewards program to enjoy exclusive benefits.

  Last Updated:09/05/2018
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