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The Monthly Grand Prize is BD 35,000


The Monthly Grand Prize is BD 35,000

Al Baraka Islamic Bank Organizes the Draw on alBarakat Prizes in the presence of its customers.


Al Baraka Islamic Bank BSC (c) organized the draw of the winners for the monthly prizes of "alBarakat" account in April 2017 with the presence of a number of customers who witnessed the draw process. Mr. Nasser Al Moalem won the Monthly Grand Prize for this month of BD 35,000 in cash. The monthly salary of BD 555 for one year prize was won by Mr. A. Razaq Sharif.  The draw was at Galleria Mall Branch in Zinj.

Many clients won value cash prizes with total number of winners reaching 77. The draw was prepared under supervisors and auditors from Al Baraka Islamic Bank, external auditors “E&Y” and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed Isa Al Mutaweh CEO and board member said, “We are delighted to share with our customers the draw process of the prize winners of alBarakat account for this month, which has reached 77 winner. Hence, our approach maintain to increase the value of the grand prizes. Every month and at the same time grow the chances for the account holder, in response to the great reaction from the customers and the growing customer base because it carries many unique features, and at the same time it combines savings and investment benefits, which wide range of individuals and companies are looking to achieve. "

AlBarakat Savings Account gives the opportunity to win Monthly Cash Prizes throughout the year starting from BD 5000 to the final Grand Prize of BD 200,000 the draw for which will take place at the end of the year. Other Monthly Prizes include a monthly salary of BD 555 for a year, along with many more cash rewards.

  Last Updated:15/05/2017
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