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Al Baraka Islamic Bank Wins Asia Money magazine Award as the Best Islamic Bank in Bahrain for 2016



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Al Baraka Islamic Bank Wins Asia Money magazine Award as the Best Islamic Bank in Bahrain for 2016

Asia Money magazine "Asiamoney", which is one of the publications of the famous Euromoney Global Group, awarded Al Baraka Islamic Bank BSC (c) “The Finance in the Middle East Award” as the best Islamic bank in Bahrain in 2016 in recognition of its leadership and the diversity of services and products geared to varying segments of the customers at very advanced level of technology and quality, and in order  to meet their needs and requirements, as well as its unlimited support to the Islamic banking sector as a whole and being a part of Al Baraka banking Group, the leading Islamic banking group regionally and internationally.

The award was received by the member of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Al Baraka Islamic Bank, Mr. Mohamed Isa Al Mutaweh in the  awards ceremony organized by the Asia Money Magazine in Hong Kong on February 22 and was attended by a large crowd of Arab, Asian and international banks.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed Isa Al Mutaweh said: "We are honored to get this distinguished honoring from the reputable Asia Money Magazine for  the first time in the history of the Bank, which is in a recognition of the outstanding efforts of the executive management team of  the Bank over the past years in promoting the reputation and standing of the Bank at the local and continental levels. This distinguished achievement embodies the Bank’s remarkable successes which were achieved in more than 30 years both in terms of expanding its market share in local banking industry or at the level of arrangement of several financing deals locally and regionally, as well as improving the quality and quantity of its Islamic services and products for all segments of society. This Award comes to confirm our commitment to providing distinct banking services for companies and individuals alike " .

The Magazine emphasized that Al Baraka Islamic Bank is the Bahraini flagship of the Al Baraka Banking Group, which operates throughout the Middle East and North Africa and its performance was characterized by strength and growing over the past years. In Bahrain, Al Baraka Islamic Bank is the leading Islamic institution, having been at the forefront of the development of the industry since its inception in 1984. It has pioneered many new products, while also extensively supporting the development of the Islamic banking sector as a whole.

The Magazine stated that the  mantra of the Bank ‘partners in achievement’ is an evidence that the Bank is keen to be close to its customers and participates in their efforts for success. This requires the best of international banking technology and also the deepest understanding of Islamic finance products, both of which the bank possesses.

The full suite of banking products and services provided by the Bank to corporate and commercial business such as Murabah, Istana, Ijara and trade finance and others, are matched by an equally full product line up for individual clients.

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