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Al Baraka Islamic Bank launches new investment saving account "alBarakat" with big and variety of prizes

 Manama, 15 July 2014:

Al Baraka Islamic Bank B.S.C (c) launched a new investment saving account “alBarakat”, which is an account that is compatible with the Islamic Shari’a and qualifies the accountholder to enter the periodical raffle on one of the valuable prizes. Also the clients can save their money at very competitive rates in the market.

“alBarakat” account provides its clients with valuable prizes, where the grand prize is a luxury villa in Durrat Al Bahrain, and the quarterly prizes are four Mercedes E-Class Model 2015. The account also provides tempting cash prizes on a monthly basis, where there will be an opportunity to win a monthly salary of BD 555 for one year, in addition to a range of instant cash prizes.

The wining chances of the accountholder to enter into the raffle to win one of the prizes will multiply, according to the multiple of the minimum balance of the account of BD50 and the accountholder will be qualified to enter into the raffle of the monthly prizes with one chance against each BD 50 as average daily balance for at least 30 days from the date of the draw, and will be qualified to enter into the raffle of the quarterly prizes and the grand prize with one chance against each BD50 as  average daily balance for at least 90 days from the date of draw.

Individuals of all nationalities who are over the age of 18 are eligible to open “alBarakat” account. The account can be opened on behalf of minors by their parents or their legal representatives, as well by institutions and companies.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed Al Mutaweh, CEO and Board Member of Al Baraka Islamic Bank said: "Today we are very pleased because we demonstrate once again our determination and commitment to launch “alBarakat” account, through which we seek to promote savings practices, and to meet the needs of various segments of society in a manner consistent with Islamic law, also this product offers at the same time many of the unique advantages such as value prizes and monthly profits. which makes us confident that it will receive a huge demand in the coming period."

  Last Updated:16/07/2014
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