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Al Baraka Indonesia

In 2011 the Indonesian economy grew by an estimated 6.5%,
compared with a growth rate of 6.1% in 2010. The current
account surplus was estimated to be standing at 0.4% of GDP
(0.8% in 2010). The rate of inflation was slightly better at 5.3%
as compared with 2010's 5.7%.
The Indonesian government's policy in recent years has been one
of encouragement of Islamic banking in the country, with a long
term target of increasing Islamic banking assets to 5% of total
banking assets. Due to the favourable regulatory environment, the
growing economy and having the largest Muslim population in the
world, Indonesia offers a very attractive operating environment
for Islamic banks.
ABG's representative office serves as a base for the Group to
conduct research on local banks and their potential for acquisition
and for assessing the business potential of the country from the
Group's perspective. The representative office is also responsible
for maintaining contact with regulators and major banking groups
in Indonesia and for preserving the image and brand value of
the Group. With trade flows between Indonesia and many of
the countries where the Group operates growing rapidly, the
Indonesia Representative Office pro-actively identifies business
opportunities and generates leads that are directed towards
ABG subsidiaries.

Al Baraka Banking Group Indonesia (Representative Office)
Ms. Nurul Bariah
Chief Representative
Ravindo Building,
10th Floor, Jalan Kebon
Sirih No. 75, Jakarta
Pusat 10340, Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 316 1345
Fax: +62 21 316 1074
Website: www.albaraka.com

  Last Updated:08/08/2017
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